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Inauguration, continued

By admin Published: January 20, 2009

Obamas arrive at White House. Blanket coverage. The Bushes greet them. Mrs. Obama brings a gift. Someone on NBC says "I'll bet it's not Tupperware."

CNN graphic: "The FBI is deploying four times more resources for security than at the last inauguration."

10 a.m. The House of Representatives is coming to order on C-SPAN. A temporary Speaker Pro Tem is named; rowdy response. Prayer for the new president. Pledge of allegiance. Series of communications about changes in committees. Announcement about how members will be seated on the platform for the inaugural; more rowdiness.

Several commercial nets showing Muhammad Ali being escorted to his seat at inaugural.

Fox Broadcasting shows the Marine Corps Band performing at the Capitol. Then people arriving. Long stretch without commentary.

CBS interviews woman with cancer who came to the inauguration.

CNN discusses Supreme Court and new administration. Both Biden and Obama voted against Alito and Roberts, says Jeffrey Toobin, but more "hard feelings" by Alito, who did not attend a previous meeting of the Justices with Obama.

ABC reports crowds well behaved but security prepared for "nightmare scenario," with a picture of guard with some very serious weaponry.

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