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Inauguration, continued

By admin Published: January 20, 2009

On TV One, Tom Joyner reminisces about Obama, "a regular guy who had the same mission in mind that I have on the radio every day, and that is to super-serve the African-American community."

Chris Wallace at FNC: "There was a feeling of a street fair. First you saw dozens, then hundreds, then thousands of people heading to the Capitol. ... There were vendors out on every street corner. ... A real celebratory air."

MSNBC interviews a woman who slept in her office building before the inauguration (I guess because that way she didn't have to go home and then fight the crowds as much this morning).

On CBS, Jeff Greenfield says Obama has been studying Lincoln's second inaugural address for its "somber tone" -- and that Lincoln was the best writer ever in the White House.

Ted Kennedy arrives! And moves along well. Chris Matthews refers to Kennedy's "Don Corleone hat."

Mrs. Biden, Mrs. Cheney exit White House.

Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Bush.

Cheney in his wheelchair, with Biden. Brokaw notes their relationship has been "contentious." The women seemed friendlier than these guys.

Brian Williams notes the "thickness and weight" of the doors on the veep car.

Bush and Obama go to their car, moving very quickly. CNN says the new limo is called "the Beast." Later, Wolf Blitzer adds that it's a Cadillac, "an American-made vehicle."

Different views of the motorcade on various channels.

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