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Inauguration: The Main Event

By admin Published: January 20, 2009


Dianne Feinstein welcomes the crowd. "The world is watching today," she says. The commentariat has gone silent, although there are explanatory graphics.

Rick Warren to give the invocation. Couric quickly notes he is a controversial choice; CNN puts up a graphic about the controversy.

Scenes during the prayer: CNN inserts shot of students watching in Chicago. CBS shows the vastness of the crowd. ABC has closeups of people in the audience. NBC shows Obama and family in prayer.

Warren's recitation of the Lord's Prayer emphasizes the "Thy" in "Thy will be done ..."

Aretha Franklin sings "My Country 'Tis of Thee." Lots of flag shots on the networks. Her voice is not at its best, and she seems to be out of synch with the instrumental and vocal backing.

Before Biden is sworn in, Couric shoehorns background on him; I'm flipping but it seems that in general CBS is squeezing in more comments while the other broadcasters are for the most part letting the ceremony go.

"Air and Simple Gifts" performance. NBC includes shot of Obama girls chatting during the song.

After the song, Couric notes that it's 12:05 and claims Joe Biden is acting president. Charlie Gibson says the presidential Web site has officially changed. (Just checked. He's right.)

A muff during the oath of office but hey, it still counts. Various nets follow the oath with images from around the nation and world. The crowd in D.C. chants.

(Photo from ABC News)

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