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Indians, Cavs, Ghoulardi and the Era of Good Feelings

By admin Published: June 6, 2007

Around this time in 1997, my friend Tom Feran and I were working on our book "Ghoulardi," about Ernie Anderson and his TV creation. The book came out that fall, and sold well, and made us some new friends. ...

I bring this up because, when the book was doing well, Tom wondered if we were at least partly benefiting from an era of good feelings in Northeast Ohio. Not only had Cleveland's reputation as a city rebounded, but the Indians were one of the best teams in baseball, and on their way to another World Series appearance. Feeling happy, people were more inclined to drop a few bucks for a look at one of Cleveland's past glories.

Even with gas prices around $3, it seems that we are in another era of good feelings. The Indians are again a powerful team. Even more to the point, the Cavaliers are making their first trip ever to the NBA finals, starting tomorrow night -- and LeBron James is arguably the game's biggest star.

"For now, in a town where people have been taught to always fear the worst, it is a time for believers," Mike Finger wrote recently in the San Antonio Express-News.

We'll see how the series goes, and whether LeBron adds to his growing legend. But even if the Cavs stink out the joint, they (and LeBron) have given the city a lift.

Somebody may sell a bunch of books because of it.

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