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By RD Heldenfels Published: February 5, 2006

Michaels and Madden have Seattle in trouble -- Pittsburgh in position to force Seattle to use up its timeouts. ''Almost home,'' says Michaels as the Steelers have a third and short. ''No different than week one,'' Bettis is heard saying to his team. First down. ''That was a Super Bowl-winning first down,'' says Madden.

Michaels says Roethlisberger is ''attempting to become the youngest quarterback to win a Super Bowl.'' I like that ''attempting to,'' since ABC has basically given the game to Pittsburgh.

I know, Pittsburgh has things under control. And you will hear no complaints from me if they win. The bride, for that matter, has gone to bed. But even with all the history here -- for Cowher, Roethlisberger, Bettis -- the game is not one for the ages. In fact, it's been a snore -- and Madden and Michaels underscore that by noting that the Seahawks have mismanaged their offense at the end of each half.

Game over. Let's see how long they milk the post-game coverage.

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