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Inside the One-Hour Mark

By RD Heldenfels Published: February 5, 2006

What's with Steve Young's arm movements? He looks like one of those old Crazy Eddie commercials. (''Those Seahawks! Their lineups are ... insane!'') Mick Jagger once again proves he is a very smart man (although a very old one, too, especially in HD), by refusing to make a prediction in the game.

Michaels and Madden on the scene. Artsy photos of guys with the Lombardi trophy. No way you'd ever get me in a shot like that. Feels too much like jinxing it -- holding the prize before you've won it.

Little slow on the dialogue between Berman and Michaels. But can I contain my excitement over the (Brand Name Here) Pre-Game Show? Well, yeah.

Two of the commentators (Irvin and Jackson) pick the Steelers. Two others (Young and Berman) pick the Seahawks. Should any of us be surprised by such balance?

Kind of cool ad for ''Grey's Anatomy.'' But definitely more aimed at the guys in the audience than the show usually is.

Oops. Overlap between an announcer and Berman.

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