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Is It Super Bowl Yet?

By RD Heldenfels Published: February 4, 2006

Tomorrow I will be blogging regularly about the Super Bowl, its commercials and anything else that strikes my fancy during this annual rite of excess, advertising and football, in more or less that order.

I am looking forward to it for a number of reasons, including the chance to watch and write in real time. After days of catching things on time-delay, I actually came close to seeing ''Survivor'' as it aired; I think I started watching my recording about 15 minutes into the show and thanks to commercial-speeding was close to caught up by the end.

This proved a brief return to reality. Last evening was spent at a big-band concert at my younger son's high school. By 8 a.m. today we were back at the school, for the high-school jazz festival that last night's concert had kicked off. The festival was over about 3 p.m., followed by an early dinner, and now we are home again -- able to listen to the rain spatter against our own roof for a change.

Tonight, at least, we should be able to relax. I already have one thing to tell you about -- a reminder about ''Love Monkey,'' an endearing CBS show, since I have seen this coming week's episode -- and some other matters that may also come up between now and Sunday afternoon. If they don't, though, I am sure the Super Bowl will provide plenty to discuss. Such as, should Mick Jagger and Keith Richards go anywhere near an HD camera?

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