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It's a Hard Rock Life

By RD Heldenfels Published: November 27, 2006

      Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock are divorcing. Story on, which also has a link to Anderson's divorce papers. They cite ''irreconcilable differences,'' but that doesn't say much. In fact, it's just a box you check off on the legal papers.

     I have long been baffled by Anderson. She has had such a rowdy public image -- and a showy way of appearing in public. But when I have seen her at press conferences for sundry TV projects, she seemed pleasant, charming and -- I don't want to say sweet, but there was something basically nice about her. That's not a comment on her choice of projects, or her personal choices, just on the personality.

     I'm not sure what conclusion to draw from her professional decisions, since they suggest one of two things: (a) poor choices or (b) a realization that there are limits to what she can do, and she has to confine herself to projects within those limitations.

    Maybe the same logic applies to her personal choices; she figures that she deserves only a certain kind of guy -- whether it's Tommy or Kid -- and that's what she settles for. Only not even she can settle for it for long -- just until the party's over.

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