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''Jericho'' And the Semi-Finale (With Spoilers)

By RD Heldenfels Published: November 29, 2006

It was tough enough when TV shows had cliffhangers at the end of their seasons, prompting endless speculation over the summer about what was coming -- and endless frustration for fans of shows that did not come back. Now we're getting midseason cliffhangers to keep you coming back after hiatuses or cycles of reruns. ''Lost'' tried it, in a way that dismayed even diehard fans of the show, and tonight ''Jericho'' is doing it. I'll file some notes after it's over, but I'm somewhat optimistic since ''Jericho'' is a lot more linear than ''Lost,'' and more willing to hand out information along the way.

So more later.

''See you soon.'' A very suitable cliffhanging line. Lots packed in, too: Change in the mayor's office, the more explicit admission that the new mayor has a fascist streak (with the echoes of life after 9/11 getting louder again), a shooting near the end, the return of the old beau, the computer message -- plus Sinead O'Connor singing Prince. Pretty fair. See you soon, indeed. Can't wait.

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