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John Forsythe, R.I.P.

By admin Published: April 2, 2010

The veteran TV star and film actor (who worked more than once with Alfred Hitchcock) has died at the age of 92. One obit is here.

I feel as I should play a chorus of "Sharp Dressed Man" in his honor because Forsythe was one of those guys who knew how to wear a tux. Or a well-tailored suit. I cannot think of him in, oh, a polo and jeans. He may have done that, but it wasn't the image that fits in my memory.

Rather, there's the image of the dapper gent, capable in almost any crisis. I am old enough to remember him from "Bachelor Father," and was there ever a cooler single dad on TV? Not Steve Douglas. Not Bill Davis. You have to go with Forsythe. Then, of course, he was the voice on "Charlie's Angels" and just plain sounded slick. Not to mention that you knew he had to be, to have those beautiful women always willing to work for him.

Because of all that TV good will, I never quite bought him as Blake Carrington, especially the hard-edged Blake of "Dynasty's" early years. And that was clearly a problem for the show as it was evolving. Blake came across at first as a new J.R. Ewing. But where Larry Hagman embraced his character's bad side (and had been honing it playing some losers and villains), Forsythe was less credible at the nasty business. So the show had to find a J.R. elsewhere -- and of course did, in Joan Collins.

But Blake was still a snappy dresser.

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