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"Justified" Season Finale

By Rich Heldenfels Published: April 2, 2013

When Raylan Givens found out that he was about to father a daughter, his dismayed response was "I don't know (bleep) about girls." The more I have thought about this season, including tonight's season finale, the more that has felt like the theme for the show, and not just for Raylan. For Boyd as well, and for Drew Thompson, women are a reason for great passion and love; men want to protect and comfort them; there is no clear reason for Drew to have insisted on safety for Ellen May beyond this primal protective urge.

Yet there is still something about women that the men do not understand. Ava and Ellen May and Winona and Cassie are repeatedly underestimated -- the men never quite seeing their strength, their intelligence, their will to survive and, perhaps most of all, their consciences. They feel things in a way men don't -- as Joelle Parker's Ava has so ably demonstrated in the latter parts of this season. 

To be sure, the finale is not just about the women; Mike O'Malley gets another fine moment as the murderous Nicky Augustine, for one thing. But the women are always on the men's minds, with Raylan and Boyd both filling what they see as their proper male roles. And, as the episode ends, the importance of women in both their lives, for good and bad, is as evident as the sense that, as Raylan said, they don't know bleep.

Wonderful episode, capping a season of wonders.

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