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By RD Heldenfels Published: October 6, 2006

Another good episode of ''The Office'' last night, especially in the detail it has given its characters and their relationships.

I love the direction taken with Dwight and Angela -- before, during and after Dwight's unsuccessful coup attempt. Michael, Dwight and the M&M's offered a remarkable moment -- have we ever seen Michael look so knowingly mean? -- topped when Michael revealed his knowledge of Dwight's betrayal.

I've been thinking, too, about what Jan's shopping habits mean; is her misery -- whether fundamental or from real feeling about losing Michael -- so deep that she's desperately seeking new earrings? (And what is the deal with Dwight and breakfast food?)

Then there's Stanley's acidic reaction to Dwight's seeming promotion, and Pam's wardrobe dilemma, and Jim's struggle to fit into an office as odd as his old one. Once again, it shows that while Michael's domain is full of specific weirdness, it's working in any office that can be toxic and dispiriting, not just working for Michael. And Creed!

After the disappointments of ''Survivor'' and ''Grey's,'' ''The Office'' sent me to bed on a happy TV note.

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