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"Knocked Up"

By admin Published: June 10, 2007

Strange as it may seem, considering what I do for a living, the bride and I went to a movie this afternoon. And one question immediately comes up: Why wasn't Linda Cardellini the female lead?

Gonna ramble some here. But before I go any further, I should point out that the movie was much more satisfying than what I've seen of the Cavs game. Missed the first half because of "Sopranos," but they're still getting crushed at the end of the third.

And I did like the movie very much. (It was, by the way, I had wanted to review before its premiere, only to have a scheduling conflict with every preview screening.) Moments made me laugh hard, but it was deliberately not nonstop farce, with relationship talk and fights that were achingly realistic.

As for Cardellini, that's not a knock on Katherine Heigl, who was perfectly OK and in the show-biz universe right now is a bigger star than Miss Linda. But casting Cardellini might have made the movie feel a little bit less like another variation on Male Pattern Optimism, Lisa DeMoraes's term for shlubby guy/hot woman comedies -- although she was referring to the TV variety like "King of Queens."

And I would have thought that Cardellini's "Freaks & Geeks" experience would at least get her a reading, although maybe she's PNG because of the breakup with Jason Segel. But how about Busy Philipps, at least?

Would have given us one more representative of the great Judd Apatow stock company, which is proving as fine as John Ford's or Frank Capra's.

I mean, come on: Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, Jay Baruchel, Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann (and her and Rudd's roles are even more intriguing when I pause to consider that she is Mrs. Apatow), Loudon Wainwright III onscreen and on the soundtrack, James Franco, the guys from "The Office," Jonah Hill (also on view in the trailer for Rogen's "Superbad" at "Knocked Up"), Martin Starr (unrecognizable from his "F&G" days) ... Cool moves all over the place.

More maybe. but the Cavs have closed to within 14 -- a comment that by itself should tell you how far behind they have been. So I'm off to watch more closely.

Well, they made a good run in the fourth, but not good enough for the win. But maybe good enough to figure out something different to try in Cleveland.

Back to "Knocked." I'm really pleased with how good Seth Rogen is. I remember meeting Rogen, I think it was after an "Undeclared" press conference, and how pleased he was that someone wanted to talk to him. Now he's the kind of writer and actor that lots of folks want to talk to, and he deserves the attention.

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