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Last Rite

By RD Heldenfels Published: July 26, 2006

Tonight's Fox press party was my last official act of the tour (well, aside from some writing I'm going to do tonight.) Niftiest sight: Eamonn Walker and Laurence Fishburne talking to each other. Walker is in the new Fox series ''Justice,'' and Fishburne was with his wife, Gina Torres, who is in Fox's ''Standoff.'' But was I going to butt into that conversation? I don't think so.

At some point I'll have more about ''Nip/Tuck'' from talking to Larry Hagman and Kelly Carlson; Carlson was very skittish about revealing plot points -- and surprised by some of the things Ryan Murphy had said earlier in the day. (At the press conference, for that matter, Julian McMahon said Murphy often tells the press things he hasn't told the actors.)

Good chat (though off the record) with Walton Goggins of ''The Shield'' and a few words (again, recorder not out) with Jack McGee of ''Rescue Me.'' Lots of stuff about ''Bones'' from two of the producers, which I also need to write up in detail. Some short takes: more romantic issues, a new character (played by Tamara Taylor) to add to the tension and Akron's Ray Wise -- who did a guest shot recently -- may get invited back for more.

Also interviewed Katie Jacobs, executive producer of ''House,'' who was revealing about some of the coming season while obscuring other things; even while we were talking, I felt like a mouse being dangled by cat. Nuggets, subject to expansion later: House's pain issues are going to be a stronger plot point, he will have a real nemesis beginning around the fifth episode and his Vicodin use is going to be an issue.

All that, and the heat finally broke.

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