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"Lie to Me"

By admin Published: January 28, 2009

A few words after the jump.

Back after I saw the pilot, I said I wanted to see a second episode. Now that I have, I'm in for a third at least. I worry that it's going to run out of stories, especially with two major plots in an episode. Even tonight, the army story was far better than the basketball one -- and the end to the basketball story didn't work for me at all.

But the second episode was a good example of blending character with the storylines. And it played up new team member Ria Torres (the adept Monica Raymund). She gives viewers an on-air surrogate, since she is new to the team, and a strong foil for Dr. Lightman (Tim Roth). I even like the way their rivalry is rooted in skill sets -- that he's academically trained and she's a natural lie-spotter, and may well be better at it than he is. The scene at the end where she reads Lightman worked pretty well, and was a nice payoff to his badgering her by reading her looks throughout the episode; it also gave the writers an excuse not to have him read his team members every week -- it's fun to play with the new kid, but not if the game is turned back on you.

I'm not sure what the show has figured out about Dr. Foster (Kelli Williams). It's almost as if she was supposed to be the foil, and the writers realized that a new player, Torres, made more sense in that role. But it makes Foster less interesting if she's just another truth-seeker, especially if she's saddled with the compassion scenes as she was at the end of tonight's show.

Still, I'll be back. And I have to think this is a very challenging show for the actors, since the audience is being urged to watch their every expression and movement.

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