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"Little People, Big World" Update

By admin Published: February 15, 2007

New episodes in April, on Monday nights, and more after the jump ...

Here's the story from the show:

The Learning Channel’s hit documentary series LITTLE PEOPLE, BIG WORLD moves to Mondays in April and returns with all-new episodes premiering Monday, April 9, at 8 PM (ET/PT). Recently named television’s most family-friendly series,* the series garnered an average 1.8 million viewers in the first half of its second season, with December’s winter finale watched by an average 2.1 million viewers.** Beginning April 9, the Roloff family returns with 18 all-new episodes that follow their extraordinary ongoing story. Each week, TLC presents two back-to-back premiere episodes of the hit series featuring little person parents Matt and Amy, and their four children, Zach, 16, a little person, and their three average-height children, Zach’s twin brother Jeremy, 16, Molly, 12, and 9-year-old Jacob.

The spring season begins with an unforgettable hour of television, as the Roloffs face their greatest challenge yet. In October 2006, youngest son Jacob and family friend Mike were injured in an accident on Roloff Farms. While crowds of Roloff Farms’ pumpkin customers watched, Jacob and Mike were accidentally struck by the counterweight of a 2,000-pound trebuchet (a catapult-like device). Dozens of onlookers rushed to their aid as they sustained injuries to their heads and necks. They then spent two days and three nights in the hospital listed in serious condition.

That is the public story.

Now, in the season premiere on April 9 at 8 PM (ET/PT), viewers will see the private story for the first time, including how Jacob and Mike pulled through the experience and recovered, and how the Roloffs united as a family in a time of great crisis. In two remarkable episodes, viewers will witness the aftermath of the accident, including recovery for Jacob and Mike, and how the family handled the added stress of national and local media attention during an emotional time.

Additional highlighted episodes this season include the following:
“Big Matt on Campus” (Premiere Date: April 23, 2007)
Jeremy's lackluster performance in school gets Matt and Amy thinking about his academic future. Meanwhile, as his relationship with a new girlfriend gets serious, Amy sets down some new house rules.

“Men’s Crisis Center” (Premiere Date: April 30, 2007)
Matt turns one of his barns into a "Men's Crisis Center", where he can hang out with his boys. In the midst of the clean up, Matt discovers his childhood diary and, in a moment of inspiration, takes daughter Molly on a journey to show her the true meaning of their farm home. Meanwhile, little brother Jacob has the campout of all campouts on the farm.

The LITTLE PEOPLE, BIG WORLD experience continues online at, where users can play a “Which Roloff Are You?” personality quiz and view exclusive webisodes of “Matt’s Chats,” intimate discussions between Matt Roloff and the people who inspire him, including little person actress Meredith Eaton (Boston Legal) and more. In addition, site visitors can play Roloff family puzzles and quizzes, participate in weekly polls and join discussions with other fans of the show and, on occasion, even the Roloffs themselves.

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