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''Lloyd! Lloyd! The Tabs Have Stopped Calling!''

By RD Heldenfels Published: August 8, 2006

... Or so I think Kristy Swanson must have whined not too long ago when the heat over her affair with ''Skating With Semi-Celebrities'' partner Lloyd Eisler died down. Because the duo has pushed itself back in the news with the announcement that Swanson is pregnant. (One report is here.)

Eisler/Swanson, you will recall, offered a low-rent version of the K-Fed/Britney/Shar Jackson triangle.

Well, in that company, I guess low-rent isn't the right word. Second-rate? Um, no. On ice? All right, we'll go with that...

The on-ice version of K-Fed/Britney/Shar Jackson. Much the way young Federline reportedly left a pregnant Shar for Britney, news reports had Eisler leaving behind a pregnant wife to take up with Swanson. (There are conflicting claims about whether Eisler and spouse were separated when the affair began.)

But the interest in the couple melted faster than the ice on ''Skating,'' forcing them to come up with a new way to get back in the public eye. Apparently they rejected some options -- including recording a CD, spending too much time in Vegas and neglecting to hold a baby properly -- before settling on the classic pregnancy announcement.

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