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By RD Heldenfels Published: May 5, 2006

The cone of silence about ''Lost'' lifted late last night. Actually, it had partly lifted earlier, when that co-worker talked to me, since her comment involved Ana Lucia getting shot. I managed to avoid any additional information yesterday, but when watching the show, I kept waiting through the episode for the shooting. But I sure wasn't prepared until the last moment for Michael to be the shooter -- or for Libby to serve as collateral damage. What a disaster, what a nightmare, what a thrill. Completely topped the earlier moment when the hostage Other made the overture to Locke. But the shock was so great in this week's episode, it diminished the weeks leading up to it, making it feel even more as if we have been sitting through filler on the way to some really big episodes.

I have to go back to ''Survivor'' to watch all the details leading up to the ouster; last night was one of those with a series of meetings, so we got to ''Lost'' fairly late, then fast-forwarded through ''Survivor'' to see who got the boot. I've got mixed feelings about Shane's end, though. Yes, he was annoying and it was great to see him finally knocked down. But he was also an entertainingly bizarre character.

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