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By admin Published: March 7, 2008


Couple of good scenes, but not my favorite episode ...

I did very much like the way the opening played with our heads. We've gotten so used to flash-forwards lately, that it was reasonable to think that Juliet was in some future-therapy session -- and that raised all sorts of questions about whether she was one of the Oceanic 6 or not. But then it became clear we were in a flashback, albeit a not very entertaining one.

Field conditions: It may be because I watched the episode this morning instead of last night, and that I was thinking as much about the possibly horrible snowstorm coming our way as I was about "Lost" while watching. But the episode felt slow to me, draggy, marking time. Of course, part of the problem may also be that I don't believe anything Ben says to anyone, so I'm just waiting for him to pull the football away from Charlie Brown, I mean Locke.

The best line in the episode may indeed have Ben's sticking Locke about Locke's not having a plan. Ben always seems to know people's soft spots, and he sure has Locke's. But aren't we all getting a little tired of seeing how terrible a leader Locke really is, and how manipulable he can be?

And does anyone want to argue about whether Michael is Ben's guy on the ship? That was the consensus at my office, at least.

But still not a wowser, especially compared to the last couple of weeks. True, just as I enjoyed the opening, I liked the bits at the end with Jack and Juliet, and with Hurley and Sawyer's reactions to Ben being out and about. But I don't want to enjoy little bits right now. I want a big ole heap of plot developments.

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