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By admin Published: January 28, 2009

Notes and spoilers from tonight's telecast after the jump. ...

I was optimistic about tonight's episode because my friends on press tour saw it awhile back and there were happy-happy mentions of it in some of their posts. For the most part, too, it met expectations -- and had its share of "whoaa" moments.

My favorite was probably seeing Widmore on the island as a young (and angry) man -- very much explains his obsession with the island, and now I look forward to a flashback showing how he amassed his fortune. Have been imagining some kind of time-travel situation where he knows the future and can invest accordingly, but that's probably too "Back to the Future." And I'm not sure how that fits in with the producers' comments that the time travel does not include people's abilities to go back in time and change the present or future; but does that mean Widmore was destined to be wealthy anyway -- or already rich when he was on the island?

Good Faraday/Desmond stuff -- and the idea of Past Faraday at Oxford made me wonder, at least briefly, whether this Faraday was the scientist Faraday moving through time. (And that made me think about Philip Jose Farmer's "Riverworld" series, but that's overthinking. In fact, most of this is overthinking. But I love it when "Lost" makes me enthusiastically overthink, as opposed to just grumble when it's too deliberately opaque.) And Desmond has become one of the more likable characters on the show -- especially since he named his son Charlie -- and he seems able to hold onto that even as he tries to unravel mysteries.

And the bomb! An H-bomb (and some were called Jughead) is buried on the island? What's going to happen with that, especially with all the time-shifting shaking up the island? And what are to make of the people who shift in time and those who do not? It appears -- to me, anyway -- that the people leaving the island have messed up the time continuum, either by leaving or in combination with the island moving; therefore, getting them all back will restore the island's stability. Or something. And I know, everything I think about has an "or" in it. And that is part of why I am so enjoying "Lost" right now.

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