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''Lost''/''Amazing Race''

By RD Heldenfels Published: May 10, 2006

Well, we're back to that faith vs. empiricism argument on ''Lost.'' In this case, do we accept this simply as a Dharma psych experiment or is something more meaningful going on? Or, is this a psych experiment that went wrong and so is creating a place for something meaningful to happen? Are we heading toward a point where someone's redemptive act is not followed by death?

Overall, I wasn't as engaged as I hoped. As touching as the episode was at the end, with Hurley's goodbye to Libby, up to that point it was slow, once again dragging out some revelations that might have been done more efficiently. I do hope that it won't take long for Jack and the others to wonder why Libby made Michael's name the last word she spoke.

As for ''Amazing Race,'' I'm going to enjoy the final three now that MoJo is (are?) out of the picture. They had become the most annoying and hostile of the remaining teams, and we now end with three who have not only played well but have enjoyed both the game and the travel -- making for a happy ending regardless of who wins.

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