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''Lost'': Defying Assumptions

By RD Heldenfels Published: October 12, 2005

Nice one tonight. I get so caught up in the questions about the story, I sometimes forget that ''Lost'' can also be quite touching. It certainly was tonight, by putting Hurley at the center; as even one of the characters acknowledged, he's probably the best-liked character on the show. Even his flaws are benign. So having his crisis over the food lead to a moment of collective joy -- well, it was nice. Not entirely believable, of course; in a group that large you have to figure a couple of killjoys would demand either outright rationing or at least an equitable distribution of the goods -- not some handing out of gifts like ''Night of the Meek.''

But even as that moment was being cherished, we got the even better revelation about Rose's husband -- one that defied a lot of speculation about who her husband was, based almost exclusively on race. ''Lost'' can make us guess a lot. And it can make us feel. And tonight, it also made us think.

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