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"Lost" (Expanded A Little)

By admin Published: March 13, 2008

This is one of those nights when I think I am just too stupid for this show. ...

I am probably going to sleep on this, since nothing is making sense to me right now. I mean, I think I understand that while we had a flash-forward on Sun, we had a flashback of Jin. But why? And since it appeared from Jin's tombstone that he died in 2004, does that mean he died on the island or just after -- and if after, is he in fact one of the Oceanic Six? That would apparently complete the Six as Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sun and Jin. But that math doesn't feel right. How was Aaron factored in? Did NO ONE else get off the island? We know Ben did, but how?

As for the Michael reveal, every "Lost" fan I talked to a week ago was sure that Michael was on the ship. So it seemed to be an unnecessarily long wait for his appearance.

But I am so confused. ....

Morning after notes: Now I am not so much confused as ticked off. The Michael anticlimax is one reason. But another is the Jin flashback. There was no discernible point to it other than to mess with our heads, and "Lost" has plenty of head-messing going on without resorting to that parlor trick. I do like Sun and Jin. And they deserve their own episodes. But this felt like an obligatory, hey-we-haven't-done-something-with-Sun-and-Jin kind of story instead of a real blending of them into the overall narrative. Nice to see Bernard, too, although I think he's wise enough to have spotted tension between Sun and Jin well before he asked if he could go fishing. But the last couple of weeks have been a drop-off from earlier in the season, and I am tired of the promos promising gunplay and death.

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