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"Lost": Happy 100th

By admin Published: April 30, 2009

I know that I am going to have to watch last night's episode of "Lost" a second time, because even by the detail-laden standards of this show, it was packed with info and implications. But for now, let me just say what a swell episode it was. ....

I have been remiss about writing about "Lost" regularly for more than a month. Other things, including "American Idol," kept intervening and not long ago the bride and I had to do a major catch-up of three or four episodes. But I have been enjoying it right along; the blend of actual information and character bits has been generally well done; the show made me smile and it made my jaw drop. It's been written elsewhere that "Lost" has benefited greatly from having an end date set, so it knows that the story has to move along, and episodes like last night's certainly bolster that argument.

What to like? Hurley's reference to "Fonzie time." Radzinsky: "I just got shot by a physicist!" "Time travel -- how stupid does that guy think we are?" All the references to time, which even when sounding casual are meant to be convey far more, starting with Daniel's saying "Long time, no see," and "I don't have time," to his declaration about piano practice that "I can make time," to his saying Chang's arrival is "right on time," and so on. Kate's expression when Daniel says he can make sure Oceanic 815 lands safely in LA -- which is hardly what Kate wants.

Those are the little flourishes, of course, but they fit into a masterful, if deliberately confusing, insight into what is going on at the island. All right, so the revelation that "the variable" is people made me think that someone was going to bring up "Soylent Green." But other than that, it was a great ride and one that prompted some spirited conversations this morning.

Very good work by Jeremy Davies as Faraday, both in the determined-to-change scenes and in the touching one with little Charlotte. Fionnula Flanagan once again in top form as Eloise Hawking.

Now, there are the questions, including big ones like whether Daniel's shooting means that, in fact, destiny cannot be changed and his mother sent him back in time because he was fated to die and so she was fated to send him back. Or is she simply trying to bring order back to time in the wake of all the disorder when the wheel was knocked off its bearings? Or is it in fact still possible to change time? Will there still be an attempt to set off the H-bomb, and where does that fit with Ben's future past?

And SO much fun.

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