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"Lost": Here Am I, Your Special Island

By admin Published: May 29, 2008

More in a bit, after I fill out my application at Octagon Global Recruiting.

Had to deal with some home stuff, which gave me a few minutes for tonight's "Lost" to sink in. I still have questions, of course. For one, does the island have some kind of zone of reanimation, so Jack's father is alive there because his body landed in the water within the zone? And if so, did the zone extend to the ship, so Michael and Jin might actually have life on the island? Or is the back-from-the-dead thing a function of blood ties, and that's why Claire was able to appear at Aaron's bedside? (I'm not buying for a second that it was a dream.)

Locke in the coffin wasn't that big a surprise by the time we got to it. There was the Jeremy Bentham/John Locke clue that's been floating on the Internet for some time. And when Kate, in the extension of the flash forward that ended the second season, complained that Bentham had told Jack a bunch of crazy things, it sounded like what Locke has done from the beginning. But in the faith vs. fact argument that Carlton Cuse has pointed to as a core issue of "Lost," what had earlier appeared to be a tilt toward faith was twisted away from that in Locke/Bentham's death and what he had apparently told Jack before dying.

Good stuff: The Octagon commercial, Ben telling Locke to watch the time-travel video, Ben's reaction after he killed the merc, Penny on the boat, Penny on the boat, Penny on the boat. Sorry, I just liked that someone got what appeared to be a happy ending.

And I probably liked that even more because it came in the context of Jack becoming the great tragic figure of "Lost." Sure, he's been Sorrowful Jones for longer than I can remember. But the events in tonight's show gave his sorrow the added weight that comes with clarity. We now know what he did and saw before leaving the island, and why it took such a toll on him.

So did anyone watch the retooled and added-info version of the previous episode in the first hour tonight? (One of the great things about "Lost" wrapping up after the regular TV season ended: no major new competition, and therefore no reason not to spend three hours with the show.) Interesting to hear the extra embroidery in the survival myth, especially the names of the people who supposedly survived the crash but didn't make it to the rescue.

And I have to wait until freakin' January for more? Crud. Sure, there are flaws; I'm not sure I buy into the remaking of Sun as Alexis Carrington of late. But we're finally getting somewhere, even if somewhere lies in a gigantic time warp. I was thinking before tonight's show that next season would be devoted to getting Jack back to the island (with glimpses of what is happening there) and the final season to what happens once Jack gets back. Still feels like a good idea, although obviously a more crowded one.

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