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"Lost" Notes

By admin Published: February 3, 2010

With spoilers, after the jump ...

I have these conversations with other "Lost" fans, trying to sort out the details and figure out what's going on. It's fun to talk about but, in the end, I don't really care how much I know or don't know. I just like watching it unfold.

So, last night, I nodded when we saw that not-Locke (whom I still think of as Esau) is the smoke monster, and that people apparently come back to life in the island because there are healing powers in the water, which has been tapped by the healing spring. And I
pondered how Juliet was right, that the bomb did work -- at least in some ways, because the people are on the plane. And this morning, having had a decent night's sleep and some cold medicine, I finally understood that we are at two different places in the time line -- that Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Hurley, Jin, Miles and Sayid have come back to the present day, while everyone got off the plane not in a parallel world but just getting off the plane several years ago. And that, therefore, somehow, they are going to end up on the island anyway.

And then the questions pop up -- for instance, why does the flight attendant at the temple know about "the first plane" if the first plane did not crash? Are the temple dwellers able to keep track of the time shifts in some way?

But then I stop, and think that I am having fun even if I don't figure everything out. And there are these wonderful flourishes, like the way not-Locke moved in and out of the light when talking to Ben, not to mention the argument he makes for people staying on the island, an argument underscored when we see that, yes, the lives the passengers would have had without the island are messed up -- and it really wasn't so bad being on the island. There is no place like home, I suppose, as "Lost" argues in its twisted-"Wizard of Oz" way, but home is also where you make it. And it feels, at this moment in the show's ever-shifting universe, as if we are going to reach the end of the series with major characters choosing to call the island home.

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