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''Lost'': Romance and Mysteries

By RD Heldenfels Published: March 23, 2006

Why no shaving cream?

This morning, when I was shaving, I thought of Locke's lament about not having shaving cream and wondered, why? All the other stuff that's in the hatch, but no shaving cream? Is it a Dharma mind game? Is it tied in some way to the locked-up guy's being able to shave? Am I overthinking again? Well, yes, but that doesn't mean the shaving-cream reference was meaningless.

Wasn't knocked out by the search for the balloon, aside from Ana Lucia's little speech about people not liking her. (Talk about directly addressing audience concerns.) In fact, I ended up watching the episode in two parts -- one last night after finishing my ''American Idol'' business, the other this morning -- and it was the balloon search that made me decide to sleep last night before finishing ''Lost.''

Did like the Sun-Jin story, and even felt a little sentimental when she told him the news. Then recognized that ''Lost'' likes to function on several emotional levels, and that moment could have had a lie or two buried within.

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