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"Lost" Season Finale (With One More Notion)

By admin Published: May 24, 2007

For some reason, I keep thinking "Don't raise the bridge. Lower the river." ...

Another thing occurred to me while watching the show for the second time: Maybe Kate IS pregnant on the island, and the person she has to get back to in the future is not a companion but her child. Thoughts?
And now back to what I filed earlier...

Yes, I enjoyed the episode enormously. "Good Vibrations." Charlie's sacrifice. Not Penny's boat. Hurley saves the day with the van. Any time we get much of Bernard and Rose. The return of Walt.


-- ABC screwed the pooch in the promos, which showed Sayid, Bernard and Jin tied up -- a scene that had not aired at the time Ben et al. faked shooting them. Bad loss of suspense there.

-- The shifting into flash-forwards, to tell us that Jack and Kate (and possibly a third person) got off the island, seemed to change the terms of discussion about the show, especially in Jack's wish to get back.

Maybe that's a good thing, since there are three seasons totaling 48 episodes to go -- and 48 episodes is a lot of story, even if you allow for a modicum of vamping.

At the same time, though, it feels somewhat like one of those "X-Files" situations where, having painted itself in an impossible corner, the show would simply declare that everything we knew was wrong and try to start from scratch.

"Lost" did not go that far. But, after spending years in keeping us guessing about the island, we're now being shifted into considering things way beyond the island. And does this mean the end of flashbacks, or simply a back-and-forth between, uh, flashback and flash-forward?

Still, here's the good thing about last night's show: I am really interested again. I may be snarling two or three weeks into next season, but right now I want to think about "Lost" and not just poke holes in it.

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