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"Lost" Thursday

By admin Published: February 15, 2008


Some thoughts after the jump, with spoilers ...

"I have two stories to write on deadline," one of my co-workers said this morning after I got to the office, "but first I want to talk."

The subject was "Lost," which once again on Thursday demonstrated that it is well back on its game even if that means it is confusing us, throwing new information at us, moving us around in time, making us question every character. Because it is still great fun doing it.

Good showcase for Naveen Andrews as Sayid, now revealed as one of the Oceanic Six, and as a post-island hit man working on a vendetta for Ben. Also, perhaps, for himself. The look of fear in the eyes of his first victim at the mention of "Oceanic Six" suggests that there are troubles tied to the "rescue" that we've only begun to see. And while we knew Sayid was working the girl, it was a dandy twist to see that she was working him, too. (Very "Mission: Impossible" in its way, also. As I noted with the photo array last week, I wonder if we're getting a series of "M:I" homages.)

The stuff on the island was also entertaining if not all surprising. Hurley as Judas goat, for instance, should have been a suspicion for any viewer. This, after all, is the real "trust no one" series.

But when did Ben start sounding a lot like Kevin Spacey?

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