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"Lost" Tonight

By admin Published: February 7, 2008

A few words, with spoilers. after the jump ...

I watched this episode about a week ago, before I wrote my review of the beginning of the new season. And found myself watching some it again tonight. What fun.

What "Lost" fan would not get a shiver of delight at the polar bear in the desert -- with a Dharma collar to boot?

How could you not enjoy the Ben revelations at the end? "I have a man on their boat," indeed.

And the scene where Locke's group meets one of the rescue Gang of Four was lovely in the air of suspicion -- and in having Hurley seem the most suspicious of all. I know this struck me because I had watched "Survivor" earlier tonight, but they were looking at their supposed rescuer the way the "Survivor" faves looked at Jonny Fairplay.

And did anyone else look at the photos of the rescue team and think it was a little nod to "Mission: Impossible"?

I won't pretend to understand anything that is going on on "Lost." In fact, I have an array of contradictory theories and cannot resolve them all. But I am enjoying the contemplation and discussion of them.*

And, as I think I have said before, the show MOVES now -- and not in an obviously circular direction. Plus, even though we are dealing with new characters in the Four, they are integrated into the stories of the main cast members instead of set apart -- a huge storytelling improvement. Good times.

*Since my Sawyer nickname is Chairman Mao, I should add: let a hundred episodes blossom, and a hundred schools of thought contend.

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