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''Lost,'' ''Veronica Mars'' And Such

By RD Heldenfels Published: October 19, 2006

Last night the bride and I went to the Students Against Multiple Sclerosis lip-synching fund-raiser over at the University of Akron. I hope someone gets YouTube a video of Brian Dominguez's splendid performance. But, once again, it meant a night of delayed viewing. We checked out the ''Dancing With the Stars'' results (which had no one bounced, since the show isn't about to give up a week of ratings just because Sara Evans's divorce). The morning brought ''Lost'' and, from even farther back, ''Veronica Mars.''

''Mars'' continues to delight. Nice to see Weevil back. The faster pace of the mysteries is really noticeable; it even makes me a little antsy because things are unfolding so quickly. And it had the best line I expect to hear on any show this week: ''I always feel bad about those poor donkeys.''

Had a long discussion at lunch with a couple of co-workers about ''Lost,'' and their dissatisfaction with the way the overall plot is not moving along very quickly. I've expressed objections about that in the past, and have tried to take the advice of my colleague Alan Sepinwall -- that the show will never resolve everything, so you might as well just enjoy the ride. And I still manage to do that somewhat; enjoyed watching Sawyer a week ago, and I knew Hurley's first word last night would be ''Dude,'' and was entertained by the return of Boone.

I have no idea what's really going on, of course, and have been making mental lists of questions: Why was Desmond unclothed and Locke not, how exactly did they get out of the hatch, is the crater really from the implosion or a contrivance of forces at large, did we really need to bring back the polar bear ... I'm not expecting answers, though.

Oh, and as someone just reminded me, how bogus was the introduction of two new characters as if they've been around the whole time?

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