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"Lost": Whoaaaa...

By admin Published: February 22, 2008

I knew the show had roped me in again when, this morning, I was replaying scenes to make sure I had caught some details. ...

The scene I re-examined the most was Jack's courtroom testimony, especially the description of the plane-crash survivors. Now, obviously, we know there was a cover-up, since he says only eight people survived -- two of those, it appears although Jack didn't finish his sentence, didn't make it.

Does that finally mean that the Oceanic 6 are all the known survivors -- and the six include Hurley and Sayid (who have identified themselves as such) as well as Kate and Jack (who, as far as I can remember, have never identified themselves as part of the Oceanic 6)? But what about -- in the best twist of the night -- baby Aaron? Is he one of the six, or a peripheral figure -- a baby presumably born on the island but presented to the public as Kate's? And why, then, wouldn't she let her mother see the baby? And was Kate really not pregnant when she told Sawyer that, or was it a test of Sawyer's devotion to their possible baby? (She was pretty ticked when he expressed relief over her being non-pregnant.)

And I haven't even gotten to the whole time-warp issue. Or how powerful and dangerous Ben is to the outside world; we know he had outside connections from earlier episodes, but what are those connections? Is he the Napoleon of Crime?

One disappointment: Hurley blabbing. As we saw when he played decoy last week, he is more cunning than is often believed, and I hoped he was faking out Kate. But no. Sometimes it seems that the show uses Hurley too much as a convenience instead of as a consistent character.

But overall, I loved it. The narrative is rolling, the characters are engrossing and the integration of the flash-forwards with the island doings is top-notch.

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