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"Lost": You're My Density

By admin Published: February 15, 2007

How nutty was that? after the jump ...

In the worst days of "The X-Files," Chris Carter would paint himself so thoroughly into a corner that the only way to get out was to declare that everything you knew up to that point was wrong. The carefully constructed conspiracy was in fact a cog in another, bigger, double-secret conspiracy that would take still longer to explain -- as long, that is, as Fox was willing to keep paying for the show.

And so it felt on last night's "Lost" as Desmond seemed to travel back through time, to pick up fragments of the future and yet to go through all of it as if he was just plain cuckoo -- brain-damaged in some way by the turning of the key. And yet -- since there is almost never only one "and yet" with -- he does appear to be seeing the future (or at least Charlie's future). And yet -- see, there's another one -- couldn't that be part of Desmond's delusion, too?

I might have been a little less annoyed if this had not come in the same week as "Studio 60's" mind game. But "Lost" on its own is playing around in a way that makes very little sense. "Back to the Future," cited above and getting heavy airplay on HDNet's movie channel lately, had more internal logic than "Lost" is indicating.

Next week we're supposed to get answers to some big questions; I suspect many of us will not like those answers.

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