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"Love Connection" Creator Dies

By admin Published: July 6, 2008

Not Chuck Woolery. Eric Lieber, the behind the scenes force on the show. One obit is here.

I was a "Love Connection" fan for many years. Actually, I was a fan of part of "Love Connection" -- the part where the dates had gone very badly. Good dates all tended to sound the same. But bad dates offered drama, comedy and variety. It could be a matter of looks, or bad behavior, or poor choice of dating venue. But the accounting would often disintegrate into one participant talking while the other, on the pic-in-pic, was shouting "Chuck!Chuck!" to get a chance to reply. (There's a YouTube clip from the show above, with both the woman picking her date and then the recap of the date. Baaaaaad one.)

Of course, in the great scheme of TV things, "Love Connection" is a transition between "The Dating Game" (mate chosen, date not seen) and "Blind Date" (couple followed during date, with extensive on-camera mockery). But "Love Connection" is still the one I watched most. And that will be the case long after two and two.

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