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Lunch With ''Nobody's Watching''

By RD Heldenfels Published: July 22, 2006

The producers and stars of ''Nobody's Watching'' came around at lunch, and I confess to gushing a smidge over how good their pilot was. And I'm even more pumped as they talk about the new Webisodes (which they're hoping to have online Sept. 1) and the series beyond that. Especially exciting is the way the show is going to bend reality even more, by putting some of the adventures from the making of ''Nobody's Watching'' INTO ''Nobody's Watching.'' As in, the pilot doesn't get picked up and the two stars have to figure out other ways to get by in L.A., or the pilot is posted on YouTube and what happens then, or NBC decides to pick up the show and the executive the guys dealt with at The WB is now the top guy at NBC. Expect to see the show's fictional guys at real events, too.

Very close to the bone stuff. Bill Lawrence, the ''Scrubs'' mastermind and ''Nobody's Watching'' co-creator, said he can't believe NBC is giving him money for this.

I hope to post more on this later today or tomorrow.

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