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"Mad Men" E-Cards

By admin Published: August 14, 2009

I have a column for Sunday's Beacon Journal about the glories of "Mad Men" -- and its small audience, and why that's a headache for people like the makers of the Emmy telecast. But "Mad Men" has unquestionably come up with a lot of different marketing connections. Including this one, "available only at":

The first-ever MAD MEN eCards are launching on August 14 – on the heels of AMC’s “MAD MEN YOURSELF” avatar creation program, the viral victory that yielded over 500,000 downloads in the first two weeks. MAD MEN eCards can be found on just in time for the hotly anticipated premiere on Sunday August 16, and will be “live” throughout the season on AMC. Both online efforts are sponsored by Eight O’Clock Coffee, the top rated 150-year-old coffee brand that was as popular in the 1960s MAD MEN time period as it is today.

Eight MAD MEN eCards feature eight photos of the MAD MEN cast, that are interchangeable to create truly personalized eCards. Anyone can send birthday greetings, thank you notes, out-of-office messages and more – including invitations to watch the top-rated show together. There is no cost, so fans can send as many eCards as often as they wish. The MAD MEN eCards are promoted via online ads on and messaging on MAD MEN and Eight O’Clock Coffee social media sites.

“People connect over coffee, they connect about MAD MEN and they connect online” says Alisa Jacoby, Senior Brand Manager at Eight O’Clock Coffee. “Now they can connect with all three at once. It’s that simple.” ...

Eight O’Clock Coffee’s ad agency, S3 (Boonton, NJ), handled creative for the MAD MEN eCards and supporting online ad campaign.

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