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"Mad Men": "Flight 1"

By admin Published: August 3, 2008


So many things to like in tonight's episode. ...

The big thing, of course, was the way this episode reminded us how the culture was changing in the early '60s -- cynicism about heroism (in the conversation re John Glenn), the way Don's old-school view of the ad game is giving way to a more hard-nosed sensibility, and of course the party at Paul's. That whole scene made Paul seem more pitiful in a lot of ways; his literary ambitions from the first season clearly haven't come to much more than a year later, and he has to use his ambition as a rationale for being a thief of office products.

Even more interesting is Joan's reaction to Paul's new girlfriend. It could be taken as simple racism, but there was so much more going on. Christina Hendricks plays Joan's reactions as so thoroughly based in rage and envy, that her racial barbs seem less rooted in prejudice than the most effective weapon she can come up with to get back at Paul. And we see how deep her frustration is when her age is revealed; she's a rapidly aging woman in a young woman's game -- and therefore another example of the way the culture is passing by even people in their thirties, if they can't see where life is heading.

In addition, there's the explanation of what happened to Peggy's baby, and her emotional distance from her child. That makes a fine companion plot to Pete's emotional ineptitude when dealing with a death in the family. Are Peggy and Pete in fact a better match than they at first seemed, both investing all their feeling in their jobs, with nothing left over for people, even ones close to them?

And all of your thoughts?

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