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Mad Men Thursday (With Spoilers)

By admin Published: September 14, 2007

Gail Davis as Annie Oakley
Gail Davis as TV's Annie Oakley. If you've seen the episode, you know why.
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The episode is called "Shoot," which worked with the photo shoot as well as the closing scene. But, were it not for the spoiler contained, even better to call it "Betty's Got a Gun." That last scene, with the immaculate Betty, cigarette in her mouth and gun popping, was so good that I immediately grabbed my review DVD of next week's episode and watched it, too.

Another title, possibly, from the book, "Women Who Kill." Because the episode reminded us how utterly Betty is being driven mad by her life -- although I think her shattered reaction when she lost the Coca-Cola job also told her that she's too fragile for the rejection of modeling. Still, she's so ready to snap -- and Don is so basically selfish, always putting his needs first -- that the gunplay was a seriocomic warning that Betty has a lot more anger, and potential for harm, lurking inside her.

Such. A. Good. Show. I'm going to hold off on more comment because right now I can't entirely separate next week's show from this week's in my head, and I don't want to go too far into spoiler country. But there's a lot coming next week, some of which will make Don's decision to stay put all the more significant. I don't want this thing to end.

Betty's Got a Gun
The "Mad Men," uh, shot. With thanks to Alan Sepinwall, who did a screen capture for his blog, which I took for this.

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