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"Man From UNCLE" on DVD in '07?

By admin Published: April 13, 2007

Just got off the phone with Robert Vaughn ...

whom many of us still remember as Napoleon Solo on "The Man From UNCLE," alongside David McCallum's Ilya Kuryakin. And Vaughn said he expects the first season of "The Man From UNCLE" to finally come to DVD by this fall.

In fact, Vaughn said he did interviews for a planned DVD set from Anchor Bay a year ago -- only to learn, after he had done the interviews and gotten paid, that Anchor Bay did not own the rights to the series. Indeed, according to, Anchor Bay and Warner got into a rights dispute that delayed the release.

Now, Vaughn says, Warner does have the rights. He and McCallum will be getting together May 17 and 18 to record new material for the Warner DVD.

These days, McCallum is regular on CBS's "NCIS" and Vaughn is on "Hustle," a British-based series that will begin a new season on AMC on April 18. Vaughn is happy that they're both working but ''the oddest thing is that he's English in an American series, and I'm an American working in London.''

On the DVD, Vaughn expects that the show will be presented in its original episodic form; the series did a bunch of two-hour stories that aired as two-parters on U.S. TV and as movies for theatrical release overseas; a British "UNCLE" DVD uses the movie format.

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