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By RD Heldenfels Published: November 7, 2006

I know, it's election day. My ''I Voted'' sticker is on my computer, OK? But that's minor news today compared to Britney Spears's filing for divorce from Kevin Federline. You can find the story -- and the court papers -- at

I may file more later, after I stop laughing.

OK, it's much later and I have stopped laughing. Some. I'm mostly amused by the idea of what K-Fed will do with the rest of his life -- how long before he has to make a book deal, when he'll end up on a reality show, at what point he'll develop a substance-abuse or gambling problem, that sort of thing.

Also, at first I thought Britney's people were pretty smart to have her file on Election Day, when news organizations could not go wall-to-wall about her. But it doesn't seem as wise a move as the night drags on, because there are folks who are looking for almost anything except politics to read and talk about -- especially those who didn't see the need to vote. Britney is their answer.

Well, that and ''Dancing With the Stars.''

Kind of weird tonight not to be hip-deep in election coverage. I'm grazing here and there, but it's not like the years when I would have three TV sets going simultaneously. Admittedly, that was usually for presidential elections. Still, I have many, many other things I am supposed to keep track of. Britney really was breaking news for tomorrow's HeldenFiles. In fact, I had already planned a K-Fed item that I ended up retooling in the context of the divorce.

I'll feel more like myself after ''Veronica Mars.''

All right, so I didn't get to ''Veronica'' yet. Election coverage dragged me back in. This year, though, I was more of an online fan than usual, cruising Web sites for papers with races I had an interest in -- in Cincinnati, Virginia, Montana ...

Hey, I've been an elections nut for a long time.

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