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By Rich Heldenfels Published: March 26, 2012


Above, you can see Malcolm X Abram and me talking about "American Idol." Not our most scintillating chat, because the show has gotten rather dull.

Other items you may have missed include my piece about a new "Bill W." documentary, this week'svideo column,  and a  spoiler-free review of the season premiere of "Mad Men". I may have more to say about "Mad Men" later, now that we have all had a chance to see it. 

Sunday's "The Good Wife" continued a nice run for the show, not least because of the way it reminded viewers about the way even nominally modern entities can be a He-Man Woman Hater's Club, and in having Matthew Perry at his nasty best. There's been some talk that the show is on the bubble, but I would love to see it keep going.

I have seen this week's "Justified," as well as next week's (because it's almost impossible to ignore episodes as they arrive) and the show continues a fabulous season -- and one that has really captured the feel of Elmore Leonard's writing: more than one villain operating at once, guys who think they are much smarter than they really are, the arbitrariness of violence. .. I love this season.

The bride and I took a little time Sunday to see "21 Jump Street." Very rude in content, often funny, and smart in its comic absurdity. The original "Jump Street" was often terribly serious, but it would have been difficult to transfer that tone to the present. Instead, the filmmakers seem to have borrowed tone from other works by the late, great Stephen J. Cannell, such as "The Rockford Files," "The A-Team" or "Tenspeed and Brown Shoe," where humor was a crucial companion to the fast pace. That works here. 

In other viewing, "Survivor" last week dispatched its main villain while setting up another character as an openly malicious successor. Am curious about where it heads next.

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