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By Rich Heldenfels Published: April 10, 2012

This is a bit of a crazy week, with a lot of movies on my plate including "The Cabin in the Woods," which I saw last night, and "The Three Stooges" and "Bully," both today. Plus I am trying to keep up with some TV and reading: "My Friend Dahmer," for one, and the third "Game of Thrones" novel, for another. So here are bits and pieces for today.

Last night's "How I Met Your Mother" was one of their more enjoyable time-shifting (and fantasy time-shifting) episodes, until the sentimental ending. But tone of he best things may be the way it used newspaper headlines to remind us of what a fickle dilettantte Ted is, his affection shifting from Gore to Howard Dean to Kucinich? Really? And the other best thing was its not falling prey to the later "Star Wars" movies by keeping everyone loyal to the original trilogy. Which is all the "Star Wars" anyone really needs. Especially with Han shooting first.

Having Brennan become a mother is one of the best things to happen on "Bones." It has opened up Brennan to new situations, let her change (and so let Emily Deschanel show even more what a good actress she is) and yet still held onto her Brennan-ness. The stuff with day care was hilarious, while the Booth/Brennan shopping at the end was sweetly domestic. I so like this show.

I keep wanting to write a long post about Sunday's "Mad Men" and hope to get to it. But one, brief thing that occurred to me while watching was the way the cold/flu/fever sapped Don's powers in a way that recalled Gay Taleses's 1965 profile "Frank Sinatra Has a Cold." I posted a pertinent quote from the piece on Facebook; to be sure, Sinatra with a cold was robbed of his most basic gift, his voice, but there was also a sense in "Mad Men" that an ailing Don was merely mortal -- weak, less interesting, and less powerful. (He neither stopped Ginsberg during a Full Don monologue nor effectively intimidated him later). In fact, among the many things that "Mad Men" was about on Sunday, one thing was sex, power and impotence ... and now I am heading into the longer post, and that will have to wait.

I have seen tonight's "Justified," the season finale, and you should, too. It adds to my sense that this has been its best season yet, and its most Elmore Leonard-y, and that is as far as I will go. No spoilers yet. Just watch.


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