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Mixed Notes - Aug. 23

By Rich Heldenfels Published: August 23, 2012

A look at the career of comedian Chris Tucker is here. I thought again of Tucker lately while watching the Blu-ray of "Think Like a Man" -- because Kevin Hart's character is so Tucker-like, and as funny as Hart can be, I thought how much better Tucker could  have been in the role.

Today's mailbag is here.

Beloit's annual list of what is and isn't culturally resonant for new college freshmen is here -- and, of course, makes me feel very, very old.

The season finale of "Suits" is tonight on USA Network. While some of USA's shows have seemed tired lately -- I am thinking especially of "Covert Affairs" and "Royal Pains" -- :"Suits" has been more interesting in terms of character and story. That said, tonight's finale feels rushed in its wrapping up of one story, and painfully obvious about where another plot thread is headed. But I still like the show, not least because it lets its supposed heroes be jerks, and the biggest jerk is allowed the occasional redemptive moment.


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