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Mixed Notes: Hello, TV Season (Updated)

By Rich Heldenfels Published: September 24, 2012

Tonight, the TV season starts in earnest -- meaning that CBS and ABC are finally launching rhe bulk of their new and returning shows. Since I have another commitment tonight, this morning I set the DVR for the following broadcast shows: "Dancing With the Stars," "Bones,' "Mike and Molly," "Hawaii Five-O" and "Revolution." In addition, I watched ahead of time both "How I Met Your Mother" and "Partners." One "Mob Doctor" a week ago was plenty, and "The Voice" just doesn't speak to me. On the cable side, I will be recording "Warehouse 13," "Alphas" and "Major Crimes." It's definitely a two-DVR night unless I rely on the On Demand channels.

"Revolution," as silly as I thought the premiere, merits a second viewing tonight because it might turn out to be fun, page-turning pulp now that it has established characters, and because of Billy Burke and Giancarlo Esposito. I am not optimistic, but I haven't given up hope. "Bones" had a good season premiere, and I am a loyal viewer of long standing, "Mike and Molly" makes me laugh  more often than not, and the bride and I found ourselves spending far too much time catching up on episodes in the second-season DVD set; all I have seen of tonight's telecast is a clip, but it's relatively funny. "Hawaii Five-O" is ridiculous, but it passes the time -- and I still love seeing all those scenes of Hawaii in HD. OK, all those scenes which seem to take place on the same stretch of beach -- but I know that stretch!

"How I Met Your Mother" amused me with a pre-released clip of Barney recapping the entire series' storyline in under a minute, and that's one of the two best things in tonight's telecast. (The other has Marshall and Lily dealing witth sleep deprivation.) But I am really, really tired of the romantic twists and turns, and they are abundant in tonight's show. As is Ted, who bores me. I keep hanging in with "HIMYM" because there are times when it is as dazzling as any comedy on TV. But tonight made me hope that they are in fact preparing their endgame.

"Partners": Don't. Just don't.

"DWTS": Again, not optimistic, especially with this all-star format. But I show up every season and usually hang around because of a mix of enjoyment and outrage. And good for Tom Bergeron, for winning the Emmy for best host. He is very, very good at his job, and the win was well deserved.

I am not going to dwell on other Emmy winners and losers. These are the choices those wacky folks in the TV academy make; the nominations were even more peculiar than the winners, and it's just not worth spending a lot of energy on -- especially when my working life involves a lot more than TV./.

 Speaking of which, for those of you who care about my forays into writing political polls, today's effort i shere.

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