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Mixed Notes - July 1

By Rich Heldenfels Published: July 1, 2012

It has been another weekend of household efforts; our redecoration of the kitchen and dining area is almost done. Amazing how long it can take just to find the right curtains.

In today's Beacon Journal, you can find my thoughts about the new "Amazing Spider-Man," which I liked but did not love -- possibly because the first Tobey Maguire film was too much on my mind when I watched the new one. But I liked Andrew Garfield quite a bit. And the bride, less obsessed with Spidey lore than I, enjoyed the new film very much.

Also today,  a DVD/Blu-ray column focusing on Bobcat Goldthwait's weird, engrossing, Diablo Cody-hating, high-five-reviling, reality-TV-parodying "God Bless America."

Tonight brings the second episode of "The Newsroom," and I am curious about the reaction. I have seen a lot of praise for the series premiere, while those of us who saw three more episodes felt it went downhill. And the slide begins tonight.





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