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Mixed Notes - June 25

By Rich Heldenfels Published: June 25, 2012

Lots on the plate, and the mind, lately.

Our younger son, Conor, is en route to Afghanistan -- he is a combat medic -- and we did some messaging via Facebook over the weekend after he arrived at the transit center in Kyrgyzstan, a place I knew nothing about before now. He has been blessed by many good thoughts and prayers, and I hope you will keep him in yours.

The weekend began on a dramatic note Friday night. We were kicking back, catching up on a DVR'ed episode of "Suits" while trolling the Internet, when a bulletin showed up onlne about the Sandusky verdict. Off went "Suits," on went CNN, waiting through the blather until there actually was a verdict; as I said on Facebook that night, I am looking forward to Sandusky rotting in jail before he rots in hell.

The coverage had its low points. WAY too much asking the various experts what they thought the verdict miight be (before it was announced, obviously). This wasn't some kind of game show.

And the speech by Pennsylvania Attorney General Linda Kelly after the verdict was at once interminable and horribly self-aggrandiizing -- a classic cazse of someone seizing the opportunity of being on the national stage. The only thing worse was listening to Sandusky's attorneys; they may have felt obilgated to defend the monster in court, but they didn't have to keep arguing to the media.

Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday included our ongoing redo of the ktichen/dining area; much taping and then painting, and then removing tape. It's looking very good. Next up: curtains, accessories and the like.

Saturday also found me working a reporting shift; most of the Beacon Journal reporters are rotated into Saturday and Sunday several times a year, and this was one of my turns. That included coveringa local amateur-radio event and trying to get information on a couple of deaths. (And, in Saturday's paper,a grab-bag of HeldenFiles.)

That HeldenFiles, by the way, mentions an upcomiing showing of the western classic "The Searchers" as part of Cinemark's summer movie series. Regal Cinemas has also been hosting some classic films in conjunction with Turner Classic Movies  and will show"Singin' in the Rain" on July 12 at select venues. Participating local theaters include Regal Hudson, Montrose and Severance. 

Sunday was church, continuing the kitchen/dining stuff and having a few things in the Beacon Journal. I had a review of "The Newsroom," the new HBO series from Aaron Sorkin, which so far I have not found online. (UPDATE: You can now find it here.)  In brief: The first episode was intriguing (although its flaws were more noticeable when I watched it again last night) but I have seen three ensuing telecasts where the wheels fall off in classic Sorkin fashion. By the way, I love this Entertainment Weekly look at Sorkinisms.

 Also on Sunday,I had an interview with former Akron guy James Black, who is in Charlie Sheen's new series "Anger Management." And the usual DVD/Blu-ray column, this time focusing on "The Artist" and "21 Jump Street."

The Beacon Journal's ongoing project about America today and especially civility included this article about online commenters in today's editions. I did not write the piece but bring it up to state yet again my objection to anonymous commenting. I wish today's story had explained why the Beacon Journal continues to allow it -- and made a promise that we would stop doing so. That hasn't happened so far, but I can dream.



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