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Mixed Notes: Kelly Clarkson, Not Watching Things, Losing Interest in Others

By Rich Heldenfels Published: April 24, 2012

Kelly Clarkson is 30 today, and the 10th anniversary of the premiere of "American Idol" is in June. "Idol" is old and tired, but Clarkson remains a refreshing musical presence. As I said on Twitter, I can't say my life would suck without her music, but she has brought joy to my playlists.

Some things just don't get my mojo working. I watched part of the first episode of "Veep," the Julia Louis-Dreyfus comedy that premiered Sunday, and just did not need anymore. Part of that stems from my general lack of interest in Louis-Dreyfus, who is at best an acquired comedic taste, and part from the rambling quality of the show itself. Its debt to "Curb Your Enthusiasm" is evident but compared to "Veep," "Curb" is tightly structured and focused. Bleh.

Also on the not-interested front is "The L.A. Complex," Canadian-made filler for the CW. I have had the review disc for some time and just HAVEN'T WANTED TO WATCH IT. I may someday. But not today.

Getting back to "Veep," it was bundled in some reviews with "Scandal," the ABC drama which is sort of about politics. As I said when "Scandal" premiered, it was preposterous but watchable. As it has continued, it is more nutty and less watchable. Same thing applies to "Missing," whose twists and turns are ever more leaving me flat.

I keep wanting to write a long post about "Mad Men," but every episode feels as if I would need a novel-size manuscript to sort it out. This week's episode was no exception, with three different storylines that could have filled an hour on another show, but all of which worked fine in shorter form thanks to the wonderful writing on the show. Of course, now I keep thinking about Howard Johnson's, too.

"Dancing With the Stars" continues to plague me -- more about that later in the weekly "DWTS" video -- and the Motown night was especially wrongheaded, the decay in the live  vocals too painfully evident. But here are my scores for the contestants' individual dances:

Jaleel and Roshon, 9 each; Katherine and Maria, 8 each; Melissa, William and Donald, 7 apiece, and Gladys, somewhere between a 5 and 6. The judges had Jaleel and Katherine with 29 each, Donald  and William at 27, Maria 26, Melissa 24 and Gladys 21.  The show and the judges overall  seem committed to a William/Katherine final at this point -- as was even more obvious during the everybody-dance sequence at the end, with Katherine winning and WIlliam second even as Jaleel (third) and Donald (fourth) were tearing it up.

Gladys, lowest in both scoring situations, needs to go, but I don't know if the show amd the audience want to send her packing when she was so central to the week's theme. Still, if she survives, that means someone better will go home too soon. 

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