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Mixed Notes Monday

By Rich Heldenfels Published: March 18, 2013

Some kind of weekend. For many of you, it was St. Patrick's Day celebration. That day is also my wedding anniversary -- a date my bride and I chose because our previous spouses were of Irish descent; we honored their memory while starting memories of our own. So on Sunday night, we went out for a celebratory dinner -- seated conveniently near enough to the restaurant bar that we could see the TV showing the NCAA selection show.

After all, we had more than a little interest. Friday and Saturday evening found us in Quicken Loans Arena for Akron's games in the Mid-American Conference men's basketball tournament: a win over Kent State on Friday night, and the championship over Ohio U on Saturday. Lively crowd both nights, at times too lively; who can justify booing a school's cheerleaders and dance team? But these games both involved intense rivalries, and ones where no one wants to yield ground. On Saturday, what appeared to be a planned we-play-then-you-do back and forth of single songs by the school bands was broken when OU went into a second song as Akron was getting ready to play.

In the end, though, Akron prevailed. And we were watching on Sunday night -- when not working our way through a splendid meal.

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