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Mixed Notes Monday

By Rich Heldenfels Published: May 6, 2013

Good weekend for getting things done. The bride and I spent significant time on yard work, errands, housecleaning and the like -- as well as clearing some things out of the DVR. We have been on the run a lot lately because of some family matters, so it was good to have a domestic interlude.

That interlude included catching up on "Revolution," and it is feeling more and more to me like a "Glee" for this season. "Glee," I struggle to remember, started with a charming pilot, enjoyed an endearing first season but soon enough became a mess. And it's something beyond a mess now, absurd, overly fixated on the glories of Rachel, actually celebrating character inconsistency, and desperately reaching for ways to remind people of what it was. (the reprise of "Don't Stop Believin'"). And it has been renewed for two more years, I should stop watching but, frankly, it's my little dose of viewer-hate for the week.

But back to "Revolution." Interesting start, and the first 10 episodes were consistently interesting -- even though I didn't like Charlie. But ever since the power came back on (for Monroe, anyway), it has made less and less sense. It's not that I don't enjoy it sometimes -- and seeing some of the other countries is mildly interesting -- but the implications of having power have not remotely been thought through. With the nuke, for instance -- didn't that leave one of the power pendants up for grabs? While I will hang around for the end of the season, I don't know where I will go after that.

"Vegas," which I have mildly enjoyed, looks less likely to get a second season, and that makes me even more eager for the first-season finale. As with "Last Resort," "Vegas" looks as if it saw the end coming and has decided to go balls-out for the first-season finale. And how could you not when Michael Ironside is your main villain? That said, the show was never quite as good as I hoped -- it always felt like something that would have been terrific on FX or HBO but had to mute itself too much for CBS.

We did catch the finale of "The Amazing Race" on Sunday, and I have no complaints about the win by Bates & Anthony. winning. Classic "Race" champions -- good players and decent guys. One of the things that keeps me watching "Race" (where I bailed almost immediately on "Survivor" this season) is that it says you can win these big competitions without being either on awful human being or an under-the-radar hanger-on. "Race" does offer a chance for meanness, and sometimes it is taken, but it still possible to get to the finish line first without seeming like a villain. And, of the final three teams, B&A were the appropriate choice to win -- not nasty like Mr. Newlywed, not as inept as the Roller Gals.

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