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Mixed Notes Monday

By Rich Heldenfels Published: September 16, 2013

I was out of the office -- and out of state -- from Thursday evening through late Sunday afternoon to attend the wedding of one of my nephews. (Congratulations again, Davis and Chrissy!) It was a lovely family event and a reminder of how technology has changed. The wedding was in Richmond, VA, which for one thing meant that the hotel TV lineup did not include Big Ten Network. Football closer to that region, and nationally televised games, you could find in abundance. But not Akron-Michigan. So the bride and I followed the play-by-play closely on ESPN's Gamecast. And even there we had a a bit of a disconnect: the Twitter feeds from game-watchers were often ahead of the Gamecast posts, so we would see the score change in tweets alongside the game display before the display had changed. (It was also amusing to see the variations in tone between the U of Akron tweets and those from Michigan.) Dramatic on any platform, though, and I hope it means better things for Akron football in the near future.

These days, if we want to find a way to track an event, we can do so -- well, except for LeBron James's wedding, which even this morning seemed to keep a lot of information buttoned up. But on the ride from Virginia back to Ohio on Sunday, while we could not find the Browns game on the radio for a long stretch -- and, in the end, not finding it wasn't really a bad thing -- while I drove the bride kept track of the score on my phone while following the Akron men's soccer game on her iPad and phone. (The phone was for Twitter, which was faster and more detaiiled than the online poswts through Gametracker. And the video feed from UA didn't work at all.)

Of course, while all this was going on, and into last night, the entertainment world kept rolling. Congratulations,. for instance, to Bob Newhart on finally winning a performing Emmy more than 50 years after he was first nominated. (He won for a guest role on "The Big Bang Theory.") "Saturday Night Live" has added six cast members:, Beck Bennett, John Milhiser, Kyle Mooney, Mike O’Brien, Noël Wells and Brooks Wheelan.

And I have had some things in the paper and online during my absence, They include a look at a planned documentary about Cleveland radio station WMMS. Then there was the annual broadcast-TV fall preview package, with the main story here and sundry lists of new and returning shows here, here, here and here, and a reminder of what won't be back here. I also have a longer look at "Sleepy Hollow," which premieres tonight, here.

And I have seen the season premiere of "Bones" tonight. It's a show I have watched faithfully from the beginning, but one that has become ever more melancholy in recent times. Tonight's telecast, in fact, carries over the sorrow from the previous season-ender, as Booth and Brennan's relationship is in an awkward place. But the show finds a way to deal with that in the context of larger, scarier events -- and does so in a way that was emotionally effective. It also shows how far the show's characters have come emotionally. I'm still watching.

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